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Wheelchairs can be a very useful and worthwhile investment for those who deal with mobility issues. Whether you choose a manual or power wheelchair will depend on your personal needs. If you’re able to propel yourself forward without exerting a ton of effort then you may benefit from a manual wheelchair. Those who get easily fatigued might not do as well with a manual wheelchair. Remember that there are certain obstacles to be aware of with manual wheelchairs, like those with many curbs. For example, not all areas are accessible in a manual wheelchair. Certain terrain can be difficult to navigate in a manual wheelchair.

In some of these situations, power wheelchairs are the better option. Less effort and time is needed for operating a power wheelchair so you can usually get around fairly easily. On the other hand, keep in mind these machines are incredibly heavy. In many cases, you’ll need an accessible vehicle to transport a power wheelchair. If you comprehend how to use a manual wheelchair but simply lack the strength to do so, a power wheelchair can be a more suitable option.

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