Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

If you’re in the process of using physical therapy to promote natural healing in your body, you can enhance your experience with the help of certain products. You’ll be pleased to learn that there are many options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone out there. Physical therapy products can range from exercise and fitness accessories to respiratory products to massagers.

The type of product you choose to invest in will depend on your individual needs. After all, each person has a different path to healing, so it’s important to consider your needs before you pick your physical therapy equipment. Hand exercisers can help rehabilitate the muscles in your hand as you restore normal function and strengthen your grip. Electrotherapy devices are used to heal tissue and reduce pain.

You can have the best physical therapist in town and still benefit from the addition of certain products to your routine. If you’ve suffered trauma or had a major medical procedure, there are various physical therapy products that can help. At Wellness Medical Equipment, we offer a wide range of options. Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you decide which physical therapy equipment is right for you. Give us a call or stop by today! You’ll find us in Anaheim and La Palma, CA.

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Inflatable Exercise Balls

Improve your strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility with an exercise ball. These balls aid in equilibrium therapy and help with vestibular movement. The PVC vinyl surface is non-slip and ribbed for extra security. They are also great as seats for use in birthing classes! Shop all our fitness balls for sale at Wellness Medical Equipment & Supplies.

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