Featured Lift Chairs

Featured Lift Chairs

Featured Lift Chair Recommendations

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Today, there are many different lift chairs available. If you're in the market for your first lift chair, finding the best one can be difficult. The experts at Wellness Medical Equipment and Supplies are here to help you find the best high-quality lift chair! Three lift chairs we recommend are:

PR-510 Cloud in Hazelnut
$1395.00 ($1695)


As the most comfortable lift chair Golden Technologies has ever built, the PR-510 offers overstuffed, biscuit back design, chaise pad design for lower back comfort, Maxicomfort Ultimate Recline Technology, the AutoDrive hand control, Maxicomfort, two motors, an infinite position recliner, and much more. Take a look at the PR-510 Cloud!

PR-756 Relaxer in Copper
$1395.00 ($1695)


Boasting superior comfort, the PR-756 Relaxer offers amenities including luxurious four-pillow waterfall backrest, plush and rounded armrests, full chaise pad for lower body and leg support, Maxicomfort, two motors, an infinite position recliner, and more! Check out the PR-756 Relaxer!

PR-505 Maxicomfort in
Admiral ($1595)


The Maxicomforters feature a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a comfortably soft seat, unique "grip rite" arm design, Maxicomfort, two motors, an infinite position recliner, and the Golden Technologies Ultimate Recline Technology! View the PR-505 Maxicomfort!

Lift Chair Options Available

There are a few reclining lift chair options to consider when shopping for the perfect lift chair! We offer all the lift chair reclining options available on the market today! We proudly supply lift chairs from Golden Technologies to ensure our customers get the highest quality of lift chairs available.

3 Position Lift Chairs

3 Position Lift Chairs

While a three position lift chair may not offer a full recline sleep position, these lift chairs feature a reclining backrest that extends to a number of recline angles with an elevated ottoman. These are Ideal for those looking for more recline for relaxing.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Infinite position lift chairs offer a full range of recline, including a true sleeping position. These come with an independently elevated ottoman for superior comfort. These lift chairs are perfect for watching TV, relaxing, or taking mid-day naps!

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Lift Chair Sizing

There are a variety of different lift chair sizes to ensure each user has maximum comfort. Use the guide below to better understand which lift chair is perfect for you!

For users less than 5'0 and under - 300lb. weight capacity
For users between 5'0 and 5'3 - 300lb. weight capacity
For users 5'4' to 5'10' - 375lb. weight capacity
For users 5'11" to 6'2" - 375lb. weight capacity
For users 6'3" to 6'8" - 375lb. weight capacity
For users needing a 2" to 4" wider seat - 500lb. weight capacity
Heavy Duty/XXL:
or users needing a 4" wider seat - 600lbs - 700lbs. weight capacity

Convenient Lift Chair Shopping Online!

Wellness Medical Equipment and Supplies has an extensive selection of lift chairs available here on our website! With many styles, sizes, and color schemes to choose from, we can provide your home with the lift chair for you.

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